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We're heading back...

We've just booked a return trip to Uganda, starting at the end of November. I'm going to blog again, separately:


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How you can contribute

Still jet-lagged... and trying to claw my way into an appropriate time zone... but this seems doable. If you would like to contribute to this project, it would be VERY much appreciated -- the one corporate donor we've had for the past couple of years isn't doing their annual giving program this year because of the economy. And that's about 1/3 our budget, sooo.......

Here's the info. You can send a cheque or donate online. In either case, make sure you designate the donation to the Kasese Orphan project (either in the online pulldown menu or in the memo line on your cheque).

Online donation:


Click the menu that says Fund/Designation and pick Kasese Orphan Project. (We haven't officially changed the name yet).

If you want to send a cheque, you can either send it to me (which I appreciate because then I keep track) and I'll forward a bunch at once, or you can send it directly to CACHA, our partner.

Cheques should be made payable to: Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA)

On the memo line, it's very important to write: Kasese Orphan Project/Nikibasika (or it will go to the general fund)

If you want to mail it to me, email me at weaselgrrl@gmail.com and I'll send you the address.

To send directly to CACHA, it's:

Canada Africa Community Health Alliance
Suite 300, 100 Marie Curie
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

(Again, make sure you send them your name/address and write Kasese Orphan Project on the memo line).

If you want a sense of how the money goes....some examples...

- it costs approx. $120 cdn/year for school fees for one primary kid
- approx. $300/year for school fees for senior primary and secondary
- approx. $75/month for food for one kid
- $35 for a football (they disappear :-))
- $95 buys one new piece of clothing for each of the kids
- $30 buys everyday shoes for 5 kids (like flip flops)
- we pay our "matron" (the one who looks after the little kids)about $110/month

Thanks to all of you!!

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Post #3 from Schiphol

Where I am giddy with fast wifi and espresso.

I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated everyone who's commented on this blo -- either in the comments here, email, on my online community and everywhere else. This my experience, but I can only make sense of it in conversation with all of the people of my world. I was grateful for the touchline while I was in Uganda, and particularly grateful for the questions and comments that you all raised. It's been so good having people make meaning of it along with me.

I'll keep blogging about this project, I think, and will post some more reflections and pics over the next few days. And for all of you who posted about the desire to help -- well, obviously, we certainly need that. And I'm so grateful for all of that.

We will be on a fundraising push for the holidays, and I'll post details here of how you can contribute. I need to confirm that the online contribution mechanism at our Canadian partner is working. I'll also post some real-time costs so you have a sense of what can be bought with what kind of money. (E.g., school fees for a year for one primary kid are $120 CDN).

Thanks again, to all of you. I have been really touched by everyone's ripening connection to this project as I've had my own experience.

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Who they are

After I posted the picture of me, Baba and Annita, Beth asked me in the comments if that was really her given name. Yes -- the kids have two names, with what we think of as the surname first and then a christian name, and usually the first name sounds "African" to us, and the second is usually a name that resembles our given names. With some variations. And some of the kids use both names, some go by their more African name.

They asked me my full name, and several of them think I should be called Elizabeth, because of Catherine Elizabeth. Most of them got to Auntie Cate by the end of the week, though Alex and Baba call me Ketti.

I still haven't puzzled this through, since the first name isn't exactly a surname (siblings don't usually share this name), but it sort of is. It definitely denotes something about the tribe or village the person is from. Mr. RDC and our director share the same African name, for example.

One of the things we did was ask all of the kids to tell us which name they want to go by. So now we have an "official" list. Except for Rafiki, who might change his name to Nelly.

So. Deheri (her Christian name) in my hat. She is stunning.


The little boys, eating mango in front of our land rover. Brian, Kiisa, Enock, Anald, Alex and Asward. (If you can tell the difference between Anald and Asward, you get an extra helping of matooke. I still can't. Jordan says one of them has more sticky out ears).


Brendah, our tomboy, in my hat, and Moses. (Auntie Lillian gave me the hat so I wouldn't bake my muzungu brains. The kids made a game of putting it on. Which was fine, except for the fact that a couple of them have this head lump fungus thing. I think now I need to purell my hat).


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What it is

These are some of the images I was trying to insert into my last post.

The aunties cook over a huge wood fire in a hut behind the house. Here, they're peeling matooke, a kind of plantain. It's a treat for the kids.


Meat stalls in the market, plastered with the Warid mobile network branding.


Some of the kids on their way home from school.


(Midway home, and stunned by the shininess and abundance of schiphol airport. Fast wifi and a by-the-hour pristine little capsule hotel where I shed my clothes and slept for four blissful hours under crisp dutch sheets and duvet, then had a hot shower where I opened my mouth with abandon).

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